venerdì, gennaio 12, 2007

Se busca compañera de piso no pesada

From M. to me:

Hello Siry & Alex

I read your inserat. It sounds and looks very good. do you have skype? I would like to call you.

Something about me:
- female
- 28
- from Hamburg, Germany
- pharmaceutic and economic education
- student of psychology on the UAB
- make in BCN 70 interviews for an global research with expetriots ober the process of integrating..
- have experiences with living in a flat comunity
- I like music, dancing, cooking, arts, pets, guitar, cultur
- but at the moment my spanish is no muy bien. I´m still learning
- I will arrive on 23.1. 12h - 19.7.07

- i´m looking for an spanish-speaking flat community with open-minded, friendly people. Please tell me more about you and your comunity.

Please give me a signal, if you could imagine to invite me. :-)

or take a look on my blog(in german)

Best regards,


From me to M.:

Hi M.,

thank you for your email, but we don't want neither horses, neither vegetarians in our flat communitiy. I am sorry.

Good luck!

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just one question....

ma cercate un nuovo coinquilino?