sabato, marzo 12, 2011

Sarah L.H. Palin: "YOU can save Uruguay!"

Questa mattina Sarah Palin mi ha scritto...

Dear member of the GPI group @ UPF,
my name is Sarah L.H. Palin, you may have heard of me during the last presidential elections for the White House @ Washington.
I've recently gotten aquainted of the fact that the École Normale Supérieure of Paris-Cachan is going to finish the production of the new JMM-Cylon and that they are planning to attack Uruguay with those robots. Their plan is to convert all the meat production into...cheese production, so that the can produce the sufficient amount of cheese needed to feed the researchers in ENS Cachan. As you may know, Uruguay is known to be the country with the highest percentage of "pro-capite" eaten meat, so, loosing this record will induce a large part of the Uruguay population to commit mass-suicide.
As you can see in the picture that I attach to this e-mail, provided me by the CIA, you are the only trained people that can stop this terrible, terrible, attack by the JMM-Cylons.
I think we can make a great team together and help Uruguay keep on producing meat instead of cheese. Let's destroy together the JMM-Cylons!
I look forward to receaving a reply from you.
With admiration,
(future) President Sarah Louise Heath Palin.

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